Meme: TV shows to procrastinate to

I'm a top-class, grade A procrastinator. I can pretty much avoid anything if I can find something else to do.

I have been known to do the laundry instead of writing. I have been known to sort my bathroom instead of packing for a trip. But usually I turn on Netflix and end up binge watching an entire series.

And here, in no particular order, are the top three culprits...

1. Ugly Betty.

Who doesn't love watching Betty's struggle to survive the backstabbing world of the Mode office and the fashion publishing world as a whole?

OK, it's admittedly cheesy. But Eric Mabius is so adorable as editor in chief Daniel Meade. He's useless in a cute sort of way.

2. Make it or Break it. 

Gymnastics is my sports guilty pleasure. I love to watch it during the Olympics, but every four years just isn't enough jumping and diving for me.
Make it or Break it follows a fictional gym and it's four top female gymnasts as they follow their dreams of Olympic gold.

It's definitely not very realistic when it comes to the sport. But I love the storylines.

3. Supernatural. 


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