Bout Of Books: What to read next challenge.

First a disclaimer: due to random multiple hour updates my laptop is unusable.  I am doing this on my phone.  This will likely mean hilarious autocorrects and really terrible layouts.

And on we go...
Over at Sarah reads too much we have been asked to tell you about three books that we have read this year that are really special.

I stared at my book case for a long time before settling on ten.  Then I realised that she said three, so I whittled it down to 14, 6, 11 and eventually three.

The first was easy.

The age of Miracles is probably one of the most interesting, scarily possible end of the world books that I have ever read. What if the world stopped turning?   It literally took me 24 hours.  I didn't put it down,  didn't sleep. It had me gripped in a way most books do not manage.

I don't,  as a rule,  buy books on release.  I prefer paperbacks and my budget is limited anyway so I prefer to wait for sales. But the buzz about this one was loud and I adore Kiersten's work.  Therefore it was a treat to me. I'm only sad that it is a standalone because the world and characters need to be explored more.
I love the unique mix of history, fantasy, magic and folklore. 


Because February 2016 needs to hurry up.  

And as a bonus book.  

Probably the most perfect,  most unfair and most devastating story ever. And the first time that I have hated the protagonist on page one,  and cried for her by the end.

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6 Responses to Bout Of Books: What to read next challenge.

  1. Fantastic choices!! I loved the Age of Miracles as well - and I'm so glad you've mentioned it here!!

  2. Thanks. I am so glad I kept it when it was passed to me.

  3. Tracie, have you considered Netgalley for your books? They will send you a pre-publication copy for review. I've had some excellent books from there, and there is a dantastic choice of books to request. Highly recommended. As you review anyway, why not get the books for free? ;)

  4. Hi Jackie. I do use netgalley. I am just not a huge fan of ebooks because my tablet screen glares and a kindle isn't an option right now. But sometimes a book on there is well worth the glare haha.

  5. Wow! That makes me really want the Lauren Oliver book! I've read 4 of hers and just want to read more (especially after how epic Vanishing Girls was!!)
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

  6. I love Lauren but that book is just something else. It's really special.



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