Let's Talk: e-Book vs Real Book

It's hot topic time!

This one has been a hot-topic for years and it is showing no signs of dying. E-book vs Book has been argued since the first ever e-Readers appeared. Some people prefer the feel and smell of the book, whilst others enjoy the convenience of an e-Reader.

Personally I stand with one foot in each.

I absolutely adore real books. New book smell needs to be bottled and given away in those cute little perfume samples. It needs to be turned into air freshener and candles. The feel of a brand new, unread, uncreased book filled with possibilities is exciting. I love to feel the weight of it on my hand and the dust on the edges of the cut pages. That is something that you don't get with an e-Book.

Of course, not being heavy is the biggest benefit of an e-book. They weigh nothing more than the reader that they are stored on. They take up less space in a bag or suitcase and yet can hold hundreds of stories. My reader is my Nexus 7 tablet which fits in most of my bags easily, with space for anything else that I wish to carry. Most novels don't fit in those bags at all.

My tablet is an issue though. I cannot read for any length of time on it without developing a headache. This isn't the same for those with e-Ink readers. I have used a Kindle in the past and find it just as comfortable as a paper book. Unfortunately, I cannot afford a Kindle so I am stuck with the tablet which is needed for other purposes. Books do not give me headaches unless I read for hours on end. Even then it is usually caused by the light in the room rather than the book itself.

This doesn't mean that books are comfortable to read. I am sure that all of you have had dead arms, or dropped the book whilst trying to find a good reading position. I have, many times. With my tablet I can rest it on it's stand and swipe the pages with one hand no matter how I am sitting.

That is, until the battery runs out.  Not an issue with paper books, but a common one with my tablet. Always at the exact point that the book is getting interesting too.

Which do you prefer? Does any one issue sway your choice?

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2 Responses to Let's Talk: e-Book vs Real Book

  1. Hi Tracy! I was looking at your blog after I saw it on The Social Blogger facebook page and I wanted to come over and comment.

    I always used to say that I'd never convert to e-books, but now I've found that I have a space issue. There has never been enough room for my books. So I decided to try e-books and found that they weren't as bad as I once believed. There are a few advantages that I like. Such as instant gratification. When I find a book I really, really want to read, I don't have to wait for the bookstore to open anymore. And I love that I can read a few books at the same time and carry them around with me on my phone or tablet.

    That being said, I still love physical books. Now, my process is that I reserve physical books for the ones that I know will stick with me and I will read many times. I pick e-books for ones I'm on the fence for (since they're cheaper too), and for ARCs because it's easier and faster for everyone involved.

    So there's my thoughts on real vs. e-books. Side note: I'm really digging the design of you blog. It looks fantastic.

    - Ashley

  2. Hi Ashley. Thanks for dropping in.

    I'm the same with ebooks now. Most of my physical book wish list are ones that I have read and loved.



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