Meme: Top Five Tuesday

I have been really slow with my reading recently. Somehow the idea of picking up a book is lost on my mind and procrastination sets in hard and fast. So hard and fast that my house is clean, I have studied, I have watched reality TV, but I haven't read as much as I wanted.

To help myself, and anyone else with the same issue, here are five reasons to be reading.


If there is ever a good reason to be reading it is the weather. Outside is cold, windy and damp. Inside has blankets, cocoa and candles. It's a no brainer. 
Even when you do need to go outside the journey is guaranteed to be drab and miserable. Ignore the rain running down the bus window and read a good book. Just don't miss your stop.

Feeling down?

After a couple of months of parties, glitter and gifts we have been dumped into a month of drab weather. We have taken down the sparkling things and thrown out the tree. It is back to normality unless you get into a book. Reading improves your mood and takes you away from the humdrum.

All the books

I am willing to bet that you got a lot of books for Christmas, and even more in the sales. That TBR pile isn't going to read itself, and we still have a year of awesome books ready to be released.

All the challenges.

The new year always brings a new batch of fun challenges. I am currently doing my own 'Read 50 in 2015' and 2015 Snagged @ The Library over at the Geeky Bloggers Book Blog. There are hundreds out there. Find a challenge, or create your own.

TV is rubbish.

I hate new TV seasons. All of my favourite shows are gone and this season is all about the reality shows. Put the things that you do like on record for another time and for now... Read!


You can make some amazing friends and I don't mean fictional ones. There is a massive community of bloggers and readers out there. Hit me up on twitter (@that1stline), find some blogs you like and comment or hang out in a facebook group. You'll soon find yourself reading and making new friends too!

Have reasons you would like to add? Comment below!

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