Meme: 5 reasons to become a book blogger

I am new to this book blogging game. I don't really know the rules, and if I did I would probably break them anyway.

I don't know the 'how to' things. Nor do I know the reasons that other people do book blogging. I only know my reasons and here they are. 


This has to be the number one reason that anyone does this. Even those who start a blog for "all the free" must have at least some love for books. 

My mum used to read to me as a baby and by school I could read to myself. I was allowed to 'free read' and choose my own titles and level by the time I was eight years old. I spent my high school years nerding out in the library and went into adulthood surrounded by fictional friends. 

I am now 30 and studying an English Literature degree with creative writing. Yes, I am a mature student due to personal reasons.

Basically books are my first love, my drug and my reason to breathe. Dramatic? Probably. 

2. I need to focus my reading. 

I have always just read whatever and whenever. This leads to epic slumps when I can't find anything that catches my attention. 
Blogging is a way to track my reading and to learn what I like more. It gives me focus and a push to keep going. It gives my reading purpose. 

3. Community 

The book blogging community is amazing. I want to join in with memes and challenges. I want to get and give recommendations. I want in!

4. I write 

I am sure you spotted that I did creative writing as the first part of my degree. I want to write novels and I know that I have the technical know how. But wow is this industry daunting. Blogging is a good way to learn the publishing industry in a fun way whilst I continue improving my writing skills. 

5. I need an excuse to buy books 

Who am I kidding? Who needs an excuse for that?

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