Meme: Top 5 Tuesday #2 - Pet Peeves in YA books (Spoilers)

I am a pretty picky reader. I don't like having to suspend reality to get through a book and I fall head first into plot holes if they are too big. I'm a reading clutz and I'm way too young to die.

This week's top 5 Tuesday is about the top five things that annoy me, and will likely make me wave the book around with an annoyed look on my face whilst my partner stares at me and laughs. 

These are in no particular order. They all annoy me about equally. Writers... just don't. Please. 

1. 2D and filler characters.
They're pointless. They don't do anything but take up precious page space where actual action can take place. For example, Madge Undersee in the Hunger Games. Who? She's the mayor's daughter and Katniss Everdeen's girl BFF. Well, if friend means gives her a pin and forever means for about thirty seconds. 

The only reason that I can think of for Madge being in the book at all is to show the massive difference in how the richer people live in the districts compared to the little people. We see that enough in the Capitol. She's pointless and one of the very few characters I was glad to see missed out of the movie adaptation.

Another character, who was more two-dimensional than actually useless was Midnight in The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. She came across as a clichĂ© goth wannabe with nothing but air between her ears. She felt like background noise right up until the moment that she bit Tana, and the dust. She had no substance, no personality, and no place in the story. Any vampire could have been the one to bite. I didn't care enough that it was her. 

I want to care... let me. 

2. Lip biting, whiny monologue and general emo-ness.
I know some teenagers are like that but not every single one. There seems to be a trend forming over the past few years where even the most kick-ass protagonist will have a multiple page whiny, brooding monologue. Please, drop them and put in something else. 

3. Lack of adult figures. 
Where are all the parents? Where are the teachers? Failing that where is social services? 

4. Overly mature 17 year olds. 
Where I come from (the UK) a seventeen year old is still legally and emotionally a child. They are not, for the most part, capable of half of the stuff a seventeen year old in a book is apparently able to do. As an adult (I'm 30 years old) and a mother I would not, for one, allow my child to travel across the country or even further without adult supervision. I would not just stand in the background chopping carrots whilst my seventeen year old daughter went off with some other teen who I had never seen before and I would probably notice the mud or blood on my child's clothing when I laundered it. 
Teens in books seem to not only be able to have epic romances, huge adventures and pretty much free-run of the world. But they get back to do their laundry too? I don't think so. These are children, they should have limitations. 

5. Love triangles. 
They were fun once, now they are trope material. Please just stop. 

Do you share any of these with me? What are your pet peeves?

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