Bout of Books: Day 5 Update

Friday was good!!! And yes, I overused the exclamation but I do have a reason. 
I had to put my reading of Fangirl on hold because I was lucky enough to be approved for an eArc of The Leveller by Julia Durango. 
It's a book that is mostly set within a virtual world/video game and being a gamer I was pretty excited to give it a read. Therefore I let it jump my TBR pile and I'm glad I did. The book was AMAZING and I read it in one sitting. So I have now finished my two books target this week. Woohoo.

Number of books finished so far: 2
Books finished this week: Illusions of Fate by Kiersten White, The Leveller by Julia Durango.

Number of pages read today: 256
Number of pages read so far: 504
Current book: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Challenges completed:  none
Today's plan - Take part in the Twitter Chat, Read more of Fangirl and do a challenge. I don't know which yet, so watch this space!
How has your week gone? What are your plans for the last couple of days? Comment below!

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12 Responses to Bout of Books: Day 5 Update

  1. The Leveller looks like an interesting read. Fangirl is one of my favorites. Good luck on the rest of the readathon!

  2. The leveller was amazing. I just posted a review on it too.

  3. The Leveller looks like an interesting book! I participated on the Twitter chat too and had so much fun talking to other people. :3

  4. I really want to read The Leveller too. It's good to hear it was so good you read it in one sitting. Good luck with the rest of the read-a-thon and happy reading :)

  5. I would definitely recommend getting it pre-ordered. I see it being one of the biggest bbooks of 2015. Thanks for dropping by everyone xx

  6. I just ordered Fangirl. Are you liking it so far?

  7. I am really enjoying it. I definetely see myself reading more of rainbows books. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. the Leveller sounds great. I absolutely loved Fangirl, so much that I would probably read it again. Good luck for the final days of the read-a-thon!

  9. Good luck to you too. Thanks for dropping by.

  10. I've added The Leveller to my list. It looks right up my alley!!

  11. You won't be disappointed.. Thanks for visiting xx



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